Monday, February 17, 2020

Kin: 174

5 Ix (wizard)

Current wave: Oc (dog)

Day of contact with the inner core of the Earth.

5 empowers

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The Jaguar is a secretive being that sneaks around in the night. This is the typical day sign for prohphets among the Maya and because of their ability to see in the dark they may often have a clairevoyant ability paired with a fair amount of intelligence. This is a very typical day sign among daykeepers. The intellectual powers of the Jaguar combined with its typical feminine streak may create healing ability in its carriers. Their strength has given them patience, which can rapidly shift into quick runs of activity. There is however often a very narrow focus of their endeavours and they are rarely open to explore altenative paths of life. They tend to be difficult for others to get a hold of and they tend to just turn up and disappear into other people's lives. Their relationships are often cmplicated and their secretiveness does not make it easier to live with them. Their challenge in life is to be humble and open to other people.

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