Monday, November 18, 2019

Kin: 83

5 Akbal (night)

Current wave: Cauac (storm)

Day of recreated unity and dampened worldly ambitions.

5 empowers

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This day sign can be given either of the names hearth, house or night and it is said that there is a special kind of feminine softness in the people that embody it. The meaning of House or Hearth also has to do with protecting one's own home and family and keeping the powers of the Night out. Imagine a person sitting by the Hearth at the center of the house telling legends and fairy tales. The carrriers of this sign may among the Maya become shamans through their acquaintance with the darker regions of the human psyche. They may help dispell uncertainties and doubts that were born out of the darkness, or the subconscious mind. Hearth persons can find new solutions and artistic inspiration through their knowledge of the emptiness of the Night.

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