Friday, October 19, 2018

Kin: 208

13 Lamat (star)

Current wave: Cib (warrior)

Day to appreciate the growth accomplished.

13 completes

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The energy of Rabbit is an energy of growth that attracts pure luck. It is a Southern sign and is so characterized by a certain ease in life. If it is just willing to surrender to life things will come easily. This day sign is associated with the fertility of the Rabbits throughits ability to make things multiply, and in general this is a day sign that will enjoy growth whether it is about money or having so called green thumbs. Their natural tendency to be drawn towards harmony and ease may however also become compulsory and make the Rabbit too pleasant and generous. When a Rabbit thinks it has given too much it gets weakened and may even collapse. Rabbits are not tough people and the challenge for them is to create a strong core in their centre from which their power may emanate.

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