Sunday, August 19, 2018

Kin: 147

4 Manik (hand)

Current wave: Kan (seed)

Day to recreate sprititual strength in nature.

4 stabilizes

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Deer is one of truly spiritual day signs but it would be a mistake to identfy it with a timid, gentle Deer. Rather it should be likened to the powerful stag. Even if it is a peaceful day sign Deer people may indeed express their power very directly. Yet, they do so with a strong concern for the welfare of others and respect of the spirituality present in all. Deers are dominators that protect and sacrifice their own interests for others. This desire for dominance, which is not always apparent immediately, sometimes makes their relationships complicated so that these may take unconventional forms. The challenge in life seems to be able to balance the power of the Deer with humbleness and understanding for others.

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