Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Kin: 232

11 Eb (human)

Current wave: Ik (wind)

Day for contemplating consequences and safeguarding the future.

11 creates clarity

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Sometimes this day sign may also be called Grass. Road persons are much devoted to their fellow human beings. They care about community at large, about future generations and the children of the Earth. Yet, they have little or no desire for recognition or standing in the limelight for the good that they do. They may often keep a low profile and are soft and considerate in their ways. The Southern character of this day sign creates a certain ease about their lives. Many will take care of the poor, sick and elderly and make personal sacrifices for these groups. This compassionate side that they have also means that they are easily hurt. They are devote, hardworkng and easy to like. If they encapsulate negative feelings and disappointments that are not expressed they may be afflicted by disease or a poisoned view of others.

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