Saturday, May 25, 2019

Kin: 166

10 Cimi (worldbridger)

Current wave: Caban (earth)

Day of transformation and resurection.

10 challenges

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There is almost invariably a special kind of softness about people born on the day sign Transformer. In ancient times it was considered as the luckiest of the days, and supposedly people born on this day may be very successful in business. They may however also be excellent healers that calmly guide others through the transformations of life, because of their own spiritual strength. They support pregnant women and guide them through the transition to motherhood as they also have themselves an ability to pass through lasting transformations at key periods of their lives. Among the Maya life was seen as generated by Death and the contact with the ancestors served to activate inherent psychic abilities. Their challenge in life is to live it fully and not give in to defetism.

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