Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Kin: 79

1 Cauac (storm)

Current wave: Cauac (storm)

Day of enthusuasm and strong energies.

1 initiates

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People born on this day sign are typically fun people to be with. They do not ever seem to age in spirit and keep a curiosity about new things throughout their lives. They are researchers that go on to study one thing after another and in this way they will in a life-time asseble a lot of knowledge. They have a great ability to both teach and learn. Yet, it is not always easy for them to synthesize the knowledge that they have gathered from so many sources and commit to a purpose in life. Forever young they exist to enjoy the ecstasy of freedom. Their ongoing search for new experiences will lead them into big challenges and emotional storms, and many of them will experience that their entire life has been nothing but one long Storm. They do have a sensitivity that will not always make it easy for them to face the storms of life. To see these difficulties as teachings will help them find the greater wholeness they are looking for in life.

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