Monday, August 10, 2020

Kin: 89

11 Muluc (moon)

Current wave: Cauac (storm)

Day of realizing the complexity and diversity of the divine process.

11 creates clarity

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Puma / Offering is a fairly difficult day sign to be born into. It has an intensifying Eastern energy tha makes it hard for the strong emotions that are evoked in it to be contained. Emotions may flow over in all directions without control. These are imaginative poeple with several psychic abilities and they also have an inclination for performance. They are certainly not rigid in their thinking. This means not only that they are spontaneous, but also sthat they sometimes fell others can not understand them. Others will sense hidden motives in them and may find them hard to trust. They may evoke strong sexual and violent feelings in those that they come into contact with. They are however also often vrey charming and fun to be with and this is what is behind their willingness to perform.

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