Monday, June 17, 2024

Kin: 196

1 Cib (warrior)

Current wave: Cib (warrior)

Day to be receptive to the cosmic forces.

1 initiates

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Owls (Honeybees in Quiche Maya) are people that embody wisdom of the past and often have abilities of psychic nature. It is not an easy day sign to be born into and they may have a lot of karmic cleansing to deal with. On the surface the Owls may be jolly and humorous but underneath they are very deep and serious. Sometimes it is referred to as a Vulture, which points to a somewhat lazy nature of this Southern sign. They are bent to introspection from which they derive much wisdom, and they often help their fellow human beings with their psychic abilities. Their challenge in life is to find an ethical way of taking it easy.

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