Sunday, September 23, 2018

Kin: 182

13 Ik (wind)

Current wave: Oc (dog)

Day when the new phenomena are disseminated and communicated.

13 completes

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Wind refers both to spirit and breath and this is one of the clearly spiritual, sometimes even airy, day signs. It is often in need of grounding and may need to learn to control its temper. Wind embodies the ability to communicate and disseminate good thoughts and ideas. They are dreamers with a strong imagination and make excellent teacher and journalists. Wind people may be be very good speakers and they spread spiritual inspirations with the 'wind'. Like the wind itself these people are extremely flexible. This goes to the point where they may become indecisive and to others seem to fickle and incoherent. Wind persons may be destructive both to themselves and others when they assume a lofty air. If they find a natural way of keeping grounded they will be very inspiring.

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