Monday, May 27, 2024

Kin: 175

6 Men (eagle)

Current wave: Oc (dog)

Day of heightened aspirations and taking new aim.

6 creates flow

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People born on the day of the Eagle are both powerful, ambitious and have high aspirations in their lives. There is a soaring energy about them and life may occur to them as a constant dream flight as symbolized by their totem animal. Often they are successful in achieving material abundance and fortune because of their higher perspective and intelligence. In most Native American peoples the Eagle clan was important and the Eagle was a messenger that brought with it hope and faith on the wings of the spirit. The Eagle has a keen sense of detail and technical orientation. If the Eagle aspires for too much, and seeks to attain it because of its superior abilities, this may lead to a fall from the heights. Eagles, that love freedom, should be aware of the risks of escapism.

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