Monday, July 23, 2018

Kin: 120

3 Ahau (Sun)

Current wave: Etznab (mirror)

Day to celebrate the completion of creation.

3 activates

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Sun is the day sign of completion and this will tend to have consequences for those that are born into it. They are often romantic, enthusiast visionaries with artistic abilities who are easily perceived as dreamers. It seems because they have been born into this spiritual sign of completion they find it difficult to understand that the world around them has not yet arrived at such a high state and instead is dominated by materialist or greedy motives. Thus, in confrontations with real life they will often be perceived as unrealistic. A series of disappointments may then lead the Sun tu shun responsibility and not accept the necessary corrective measures. Nonetheless, Light people will retain a natural spirituality that is the birthright of this, the last of the signs in the uinal. Their challenge is to approach life realistically without compromising the great derams that they have.

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