Friday, September 20, 2019

Kin: 24

11 Kan (seed)

Current wave: Ix (wizard)

Day when sustenance naturally manifests and patience is rewarded.

11 creates clarity

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Sensuality is the characteristic of this day sign, which is also sometimes translated as Net or Seed. All of these connotations contribute to its meaning. It is a southern sign and its sun-exposed character contributes to both its sensualism and a somewhat leisurely style on the surface. Seed was considered to be the sign that controlled the sexual force of the body. As natural networkers Seeds strive to liberate themselves and others from the oppresive patterns of the past and it is with this intention that Seed may plant the new seeds - or is one him/herself. To create true prosperity the Seed must learn to appreciate all the gifts that it receives and conduct profound investigations into itself.

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