Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kin: 151

8 Chuen (monkey)

Current wave: Kan (seed)

Day to playfully explore and create.

8 harmonizes

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Among the Maya the Monkey is known as the weaver of time. Because it is the day sign in the middle Monkeys are often very creative, know many different kinds of things and are able to bind these together. They are able to hold many different threads. They are charming, sometimes uncontrolled and bent for practical jokes. They are jacks of all trades and typacally have artistic abilities. There may also be an annoying side to this charm, since they often have a compulsory need to be in the centre of everyone's attention. Some may even act stupid to get into the limelight. Usually they have a short attention span and are ready to move on to something else and may never stay to learn to master anything fully. They however know how to do a lot of things and are never boring to be around.

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