Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kin: 210

2 Oc (dog)

Current wave: Muluc (moon)

Day of singleminded action and devotion to the highest ideal.

2 creates a reaction

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People born on this day sign are loyal, enduring and good hearted. They are also seen as warm, alert and brave. If they find the right mission in life to be loyal to they may accomplish very great things. Usually they do not create the causes they work for themselves however. They like to be part of of team, whether as alpha or led, but if they are excluded from a team they may rage. Those that are born under the sign Dog may be very sensual and know how to enjoy life. Among the Maya the Dog is considered a strongly sexual sign and paradoxically, despite their spiritual loyalty, are considered as prone to sexual escapades. Among the Cherokee the day sign of Dog was Wolf. The challenge of the Dog is to find a task in life where its many good qualities such as goodheartedness and endurance may be used the most beneficially.

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