Sunday, July 5, 2020

Kin: 53

1 Ben (skywalker)

Current wave: Ben (skywalker)

Day to generate new energy, organize and take charge.

1 initiates

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People born into this day sign, often called Staff or Reed, have a special relationship to Quetzalcoatl, the god of Light and duality, and are thus considered as very worthy. They are usuallly recognized by their style of authority that is symbolized by the Staff of Life. Among the Maya this is a symbol of the spiritual authority of an elder. In fact, the name Reed for this day sign is fairly misleading as they are usually not fragile at all. Instead often they are the carriers of a fair amount of authority and they know it. Reed is an Eastern sign and so its carriers have a strong collected energy. Those born into the day sign Reed are often leaders in society and as parents they are considered as wise. They will often fight for a cause that they have found worthy. However, Reed people need a lot of appreciation and because their inflexible views and high expectations they do not easily become intimate with others. Thus, they may also have problemss in marriage and business. Their challenge in life is to develop their flexibiity so that the Staff is not broken as a Reed.

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