Friday, April 19, 2024

Kin: 137

7 Caban (earth)

Current wave: Chuen (monkey)

Day of innovative intellectual impulses.

7 reveals

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In contrast to what you would probably spontaneusly think Earth people are very mental and emphasite the value of thought processes. It is an Eastern energized sign and there is a typical masculine side to them, which makes them want to control the world by intellectually understanding it. Earth people help in dispersing bad intentions, habits and ideas. This turns them into good advisors and at their best their thinking is in resonance with Mother Earth and serves the larger hole. Meticulous and intelligent Earth people aspire to have a natural flow in all phases of life. Sometimes the sensitivity of Earth is shaken, which may lead to emotional eruptions. Their challenge is not to let their intellect block them from being in the present.

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